Category: Research

  • Honeypot Project –

    I recently built a honeypot with a focus on the capture of passwords that I could use to share results in real-time. I recognize that there are plenty of great honeypots out there (I run an instance of T-POT and am always impressed with how well it was built and all the honeypots it includes),…

  • Akira Ransomware

    April 2023 has brought about a new ransom group called Akira. This post serves as a consolidation of public intel to help filter through the searches for Akira that just result in anime :-). IOCS Twitter Posts:

  • ESXArgs Ransomware

    My thoughts and observations as I followed this incident and watched it unfold across the internet at the beginning of February. There’s not much that hasn’t already been said by various infosec resources (some links I found useful are shared throughout this post), but here’s my take all the same. What’s Special About It? This…