Category: Misc Tech

  • Honeypot Project –

    I recently built a honeypot with a focus on the capture of passwords that I could use to share results in real-time. I recognize that there are plenty of great honeypots out there (I run an instance of T-POT and am always impressed with how well it was built and all the honeypots it includes),…

  • Output to web from terminal

    I found myself on a terminal console session with no easy way to get output off the machine. I came across and it worked perfectly. In this example, you can replace the find command with whatever you need, and then curl the output as content to the API.

  • Adding a drive in VMware

    If you find yourself needing to add an additional drive to VMware, for instance if you have a USB drive attached, Enable SSH and then use the following command: Copy the volume label that is returned. Then run the following command:

  • Downloading M3U8 Sources

    I came across a video online that was hosted in JWPlayer. I wanted to pull the source and started to evaluate traffic in Chrome Dev tools and found the network traffic that was pulling down small snippets of video and a separate audio stream while the video played.Apparently the playback streams sections at a time.…